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Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanks for that.

The BIG deal on every social media is posting something you're are thankful for every single day of November.
Because I barely have time to wash my hair every single day...I will see your daily thanks and raise you a "I am just gonna kill this in one foul swoop" blog post.
Yeah, that just happened.

1. I am so very grateful for my husband. He gives me headaches, and he gets plenty of eye rolls. That man, though, loves me to all ends of this earth. I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with him. Pass the Tylenol.

2. My beautiful children. I made them. So they are beautiful. They are everything, and without them...I'm nothing. They are going to go out into this world and amaze everyone. Even me. I will die with a smile on my face, and love in my heart. They are the ones who will put it there.

3. My family. From my very loud but loving mother, to my very cranky and Xbox addicted brothers. My family raised me. They are also the reason I can cut you in line, convince you to pay for my Chuck E Cheese tokens, and skip away without you even knowing what happened. Skills.

4. My Mother-In-Law. You made him. You trusted me with his heart. I will love you forever for that.

And now the fun stuff...

5. Caffeine. Nectar of the gods.

6. Microwave. For when cooking just really seems like too much work.

7. Fast food. For when even microwaving is a hassle.

8. The ten seconds, every few months, when all the laundry is clean and put away.

9. tame the fro.

10. Bobby pins. To keep the fro out of my face so I don't just chop it off and rock the bald Brittany Spears.

11. My wit. To dazzle the fools.

12. My lack of restraint. So I dazzle my foot right into my mouth.

13. Shoes. Not because I wear them. It just feels good to throw them.

14. My aim.

15. Jane Austen books.

16. Converse.

17. Clothes that smell like my husband. A must have during hunting season.

18. My home. It is a love/hate relationship. I love to live under a roof. I hate that its such a messy roof.

19. Baby gates. For when I just want to microwave the fast food without children gnawing at my ankles.

20. Facebook. Because is fun to watch and stalk the drama from afar.

21. The weight I've lost. I'll never see you again. Its over. I don't need you anymore. I think you should see other people. I'm better off without you. You get it.

22. That one time I threw the diaper at the trash can...and it went INTO the trash can. Skills.

23. How many more days are in November....geez.

24. Connections. For example: our a.c. went out. So my aunt new a guy who was brothers with her friends cousin's nephew...and he came and fixed it.

25. My uncanny ability to watch a movie. Remember the actors, the plot, and the general time frame it came out.

26. Milk.

27. Wine.

28. Generic brands that don't want your firstborn as payment.

29. My health. Because I WILL spoil my great grandchildren.

30. The person reading this blog post.

One Exhausted Momma :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

After The Baby....Body

"Chin up, Momma."

Or I guess I should say chins...

I'm starting to lose that baby weight. That long hard road through belly blubber back to my weight before kids.
It will be tough. I may even throw stuff. But if I want to live longer, and be a burden on my children when they get has to be done.
But the best part is I'm going to post helpful tips for anyone who is interested. :)
So I will be the guinea pig for you!

So I will share a little about my first hurdle.


Yeah, it helps you lose the weight they said. It will make you supermodel skinny they said.


It may, in fact, be the saving grace for some moms. But its tough on this particular milk making machine.

Here's why:

1. It makes me hungry a pretty good amount of the time. I'm trying to eat healthy snacks.

2. I have to find ways to exercise between feedings. Apparently my little nurser knows when we are trying to pull a fast no bottles.

3. It makes calculating calories a little harder.

4. Man..I thought I drank water before...but now...sheesh...

All this things make losing weight a little harder. The breastfeeding bond means more to me than some people realize. Its what keeps me from losing my mind a lot of the time too.
But I think I am getting the hang of it.
I am eating healthier snacks. Almonds are a quick and easy snack, that I don't think I can go a day without eating now.
I am learning how to better budget my time. I'm very very bad at that. So I get most of my workouts during naps. When I can't sneak away and get it all done, then I pack the kids in the jogging stroller and go!
I found the perfect range for my calorie intake. Enough so that JJ gets the milk he needs and I am still losing the weight.
Finally, I drink water. And pee. And rinse. And repeat.

I am trying. Not to be skinny. But to be healthy. I want to be able to run after my kids and their kids. Hopefully, I will run after my great grandkids too.

I have already lost 6 pounds in two weeks. It is mostly watching what I eat, and throwing in exercise when I can.

But it is a start. I'll try and keep you updated on every gross detail :)

By the way, this post is for you Robin.

Loves and hugs,
One Exhausted Momma

Monday, April 15, 2013


People hold grudges. We tend to cut ties instead of mend them. It's almost against our nature to stop, step back, and look at what we might be losing.
I used to hold serious grudges. I would rather tell you to go play in traffic than hold a conversation with you to work out problems. I'm not saying I'm completely free of this character flaw. I still get pretty indignant, and will snap. But I am in a work in progress. Everyday is a struggle, and life takes work.
So I want to share a very personal story about my biggest challenge to forgive.

I am not an only child. I have two brothers and two sisters. My youngest sister is the wild red head. She always has been. All throughout life, she and I have butted heads. All sisters do, and if you aren't, don't be a snob about it. We would fight and kick and yell.
For example, when I was a toddler and she was a crawler, we had an incident. Unfortunately, it was caught on tape. I was swinging on the swing set, and she was crawling on by. So I tried swinging and kicking her...and missed. So I tried again. And again. Until finally, I off the swing...kicked her..and then got back on, and I continued swinging like nothing had happened.
I guess you have the picture by now. We are sisters.
Well a couple years ago, I was pregnant with Doodle Bug and got a text from my sister, who I really wasn't close at all with anymore. Some things were said that were completely unforgivable, or I thought they were at the time.
It was then, I swore I wouldn't talk to her anymore. I would go out of my way to avoid her. I would stay mad at her forever.
Do you see how much work that would be? I didn't. I had no idea how staying angry would waste my time, and how it would make me an unhealthy mind and soul. Eventually, I stopped, stepped back, and took a look at my life. I had lost friends, and now family because I was an angry bitter person. It made me sad. It made me want to fix things. I was going to change myself, and become the person my kids would use as an example.
So I started forgiving. I forgave my once best friend, and I got intouch with others I had cut out of my life.
I just couldn't bring myself to forgive my sister...not yet. My Mimi was the one who pointed out that I was giving all these other people fresh starts in my life. But I wasn't going to give my sister a chance.
My grandmother had lost her father, mother, and brother...and she was trying to tell me how short time was. And how if you didn't mend relationships, every second you spent would regret when they were gone.
Like I said, life is hard. It is work. So when my sister sent word through our mother that she was sorry. I stopped, stepped back, and forgave.
You can hold those grudges people. But it eats you. It makes you a worse person. And it wastes precious time you could be happier.

Now my sister and I are better. She had a baby girl a week before I had JJ. And her daughter makes me smile, and her cheeks make me almost die because of the cuteness. I would have missed all of that, and that is not something I would have been able to forgive myself for.

So if you are putting off that phone call, or avoiding that old hangout. Stop, step back, and step back into their lives.

Wishing you luck and love,
One Exhausted Momma

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where is it?!?!

If you have a toddler, or any kid, you know that things are never where you leave them. Things get hidden, lost, or even eaten. I thought I would just reach out to other moms, and just let you are not alone.

Here are a couple of things that just disappear around the Exhausted Household..

1. Chapstick
I never use a whole chapstick more than a handful of times. Then the next time I go to use has a chunk bitten out of it. I still use it. What's a little dirt and baby slobber on your luscious lips.

2. Hair Bands
Doodle sniffs them out and strategically places them where I will never again see them in my lifetime. She uses them as bracelets, slingshots, and my personal favorite...teething toys. So if I DO ever find one...chances are its soaking wet. But that is exactly how I like them anyway....sigh....

3. Car Keys
Currently, my keys have been missing for a week. Yeah. Doodle did it. I know she did it. She is probably locking and unlocking my car over and over again from some dark corner of the house...her evil little self just chuckling...

4. The Other Shoe
One converse and one flip flop do not make a cute pair. But apparently that's all I am supposed to use to go get the mail. I know my neighbors are jealous of my style. Haters gonna hate.

5. Reusable Nursing Pads
Doodle will wear them as hats. And throws them in the toilet, dog water, or just off the back porch. I do a lot of laundry....

6. Remote
This is the biggest pain...I never know they are missing until Mr. Exhausted wants to watch something. He will throw a fit about a missing remote that would put a kid going through terrible twos to shame. Welcome to my life.

7. Batteries to the Remote
"Here ya go Momma! I found the remote, but use your imagination to change the channel."

8. Juice Cups
There is nothing quite like finding a month old juice cup hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe. Doodle makes her own wine. Just a little grape juice, let it sit in the cup for a month, and ta da!

9. My Cell Phone
I have the cool smartphone, so that is the one she always goes for. Most of the time, my cell is dead. So finding it after she pretends to call a joke.

10. My Cell Phone Charger
The reason my phone is dead all the time.

11. My Make Up
I never know its been messed with until I catch a little midget clown running around screaming "PREEEEEETTYYYYY".

12. Any Writing Utensil
You have better chance taking a chisel to stone, than finding a pen in my house. True story.

13. The Wipes
JJ has a poopy diaper. Go to change him, go to grab the wipes....boom. No wipes. So I have a poop covered bottom in the air and nothing to get the poop off. That's usually the time Doodle is pretend calling someone and ignoring me. God bless you child.

14. My Hairbrush
I have hair way down my back. Previously in a post, I mentioned I have curly unruly hair. So a hairbrush is a lifeline. But I never know where it is. Not ever.

15. Chairs
Doodle will move a kitchen chair anywhere, just so she can use it to climb up and get what she wants. Not kidding. I've found a chair in the bathroom before, and the back porch.

Those are just a few of the many things Doodle Bug messes with. You may read all that and think I must not pay that much attention to what she's doing...and if that's the case, you just haven't spent a lot of time with a toddler. Kids are quick. Kids are sneaky.

Kids are the reason we can't have nice things.

One Exhausted (Trying to Find My Sanity) Momma

Sunday, March 31, 2013


I was blessed with an amazing grandmother, Mimi.
I was also blessed for her to have a big part in how I was raised.

She does anything and everything for anybody. She worries about your happiness and health. And she really does have the biggest heart imaginable.
Now when we first laid eyes on each other I was just a baby...but everyone swears sparks flew, confetti fell, and fireworks exploded.
I believe it.
In a nutshell, it was love at first sight.
Well I grew up under her watchful eye, and she made sure looked my very best when I was out in public.
She even put bandaids on my boo boos! My hero.

You get my drift right? This woman is more than a grandmother...she is a saint.

When I had Doodle Bug...nothing changed. She loved on that baby, and would you believe Doodle Bug gets more excited about seeing her Mimi sometimes...than she does seeing her own mother. True story. But I don't mind :)

Well we all went to Mimi's for easter dinner. Afterwords, we were sitting there chatting. Mimi starts talking about the Easter egg hunt at the park yesterday and how Doodle Bug did.

My grandmother walked with Doodle Bug during the hunt, and she was telling Doodle to pick up the eggs and get them in the basket. So Doodle Bug started picking them up and putting them in other kids baskets too.

I know...too sweet.

Then Mimi saw a little girl with Down Syndrome...and she asked Doodle Bug to help her put some eggs in her basket...

And so Doodle Bug gave that little girl some eggs.

If you are ever lucky enough to find people in the world like my grandmother, you hang on to them. If the world had more Mimis in it would be a much better place.
This woman encouraged my little one to see the little girl as just another egg hunter and no different.

Those are values that are worth gold.

Happy Easter everyone,
One Proud Momma

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Want Them To Show No Hate

The news stations and social media sites are all abuzz with talk of same sex rights. The supreme court is meeting and making a decision on whether the government will allow same sex marriage, and whether those marriages will be recognized by the government.

These debates have gotten aggressive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It seems, however, that many of the more ignorant ranters are resorting to name calling, homophobic remarks, and just downright nastiness.

I may lose some readers because of this post. I respect everyone, until I am disrespected. I welcome intelligent discussion, as long as it stays civil.

My opinion is this: the government should not be able to dictate every single aspect of your life. Which is why I am for marriage, whether it be to someone of the same sex of otherwise.

I got to marry the person I wanted to, and I would have been devastated if the government did not allow me to marry the one person I truly loved.

Which leads me to this...
I am determined to raise my children to show no hate.

I want them to accept all people.
Regardless of skin pigment, sexual orientation, or religious differences.

I want my children to be part of a generation that stops all of this prejudice. I know that more than likely their generation as a whole will be extremely will the ones after them...

But a mother can hope. And a mother can raise her babies to see everyone else around them without discrimination.

I hope before anyone judges, they put themselves in the other person's shoes.

And that's all I got to say about that...

With that Forest Gump quote, I leave you to ponder...

One Exhausted Momma

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ten Random Facts about Yours Truly

1. I have a fro. Yes. I mean big ol' curly hair. It can be humid...or not...and it looks like I live in a wind tunnel.

2. I love asparagus. Don't care if it makes your toilet smell odd. I could eat my weight in it.

3. Favorite Disney movie of all time: Beauty and the Beast. Classic.

4. I always pick my offspring's noses. Got to. It's just not right to have big huge crusty boogers stare at me all the time.

5. I started out at shoe size 7 1/2...two kids later...8 1/2...

6. True story: love How I Met Your Mother.

7. Told my husband I loved him before I met him face to face.

8. Ketchup is in its own food group in my mind.

9. I am double jointed in fingers and can move one eye at a time. I know. Impressive.

10. I hate hearing my kids cry...I will always do anything and everything to try and stop their pain. Whether its hunger pains, or a skinned knee, or even boyfriend/girlfriend troubles. I have made a complete fool out of myself just to get a giggle. But that's being a parent :)

Signing off,
One Exhausted Momma